Hiding from God?

‘Hide and Seek’ is a game children play. One would be the seeker and others are supposed to hide. Within a timeframe, the seeker should find those who are hiding. Children enjoy playing this game for hours as indoor as well as outdoor games. Nevertheless, even adults try to play this game, hiding from God. God sought people with love, patience, grace, mercy, and a redemptive attitude. Ultimately, when humanity fails to repent, when the doors of grace are closed, the wrath of God will be revealed.
Sin: The First Couple disobeyed God’s commandment, and ate the fruit from the forbidden tree. Filled with guilt, fear, and shame, they hid themselves in the garden. As usual, when God came to meet them, they were not seen. God called out Adam and Eve, confronted them, clothed them with skin garments, denoting the sacrifice of blood, and gave them another lease of life, but outside Eden. Sin always drives humans from God’s Holy presence. (Genesis 3)
Call of God: Saul was chosen to be the King of Israel. Samuel had anointed him as directed by God. When the time for the coronation arrived, he was missing. Being tall in stature would have helped people to easily identify him. However, he hid himself in the baggage to avoid God’s call. (I Samuel 10:21-22)
God’s Mission: Elijah fulfilled God’s mission. He boldly declared that God had sent him to prove God of Israel as true God to all nations by answering by fire. The mission was a grand success; however, the opposition was intense. Elijah’s life was in danger, contemplating suicide, hid in a cave. (I Kings 19:9-18) Jonah tried to hide in the lower deck of the ship, he was recommissioned to go to Nineveh. (Jonah 1:6-17)
God’s wrath: Even if sinners, disobedient, and rebels try to flee, they will fail. God’s judgment will catch up with them: kings, great ones, generals, rich, powerful, and everyone, slave or free would try to hide from God’s judgment. The unrepentant sinner cannot stand before God when he executes judgment. (Revelation 6:15-17)
Am I afraid and ashamed or stand as righteous in His presence?