Traditions To Torments

Festivals of many religions are expensive, even from ancient times. It could include the sacrifice of butter, milk, honey, flowers, and even animals. Some rituals even require human sacrifice. Sadly, people believed that they could appease God through their offerings. In religious places and shrines, there are huge donations, even by corrupt people involved in illegal businesses that harm the community. The Mosaic Law had festivals, celebrations, sacrifices, tithes, offerings, and Sabbath; however, they disconnected the spiritual meaning and made them customs, rituals, and traditions.
A broken spirit and contrite heart: Though animal sacrifice had a place in the Old Testament form of worship, nevertheless, the Lord required the heart of men and women. (Psalms 50) C.H. Spurgeon said: “If you and I have a broken spirit, all idea of our importance is gone. What is the use of a broken heart? Why, much the same as the use of a broken pot, or a broken jug, or a broken bottle!” A contrite heart is the opposite of a hardened stubborn or rebellious heart. A contrite heart is sensitive to sin, and the work of the Holy Spirit, that results in genuine repentance.
Love or rituals: Sadly, many people love religious rituals than loving others. (Isaiah 58:1-9) The religious fervor, noisy celebration, abundant sacrifices, and show of religiosity are rejected by the Lord, especially when done without love for God and neighbors. The atrocities increased in the society, and proportionally ritual religiosity also increased.
Mercy or sacrifice: God desires mercy from people not merely sacrifices laid on the altar. (Hosea 6:6) Israel brought animal sacrifices, but never gave themselves as a living sacrifice. (Romans 12:1) Mercy was forsaken in their day-to-day relationships. Lord Jesus Christ denounced the religious leaders of His day twice, quoting Hosea. (Matthew 9:13; 12:7) They also missed the love, desire, purpose, love, justice, holiness, and righteousness of God but clung to external rituals. Neither they know the Law nor rightly interpret His Word. (Hosea 4:1) Instead of mercy, frenzy is on display in religious places.
Is my spiritual life like a torment to the Lord?