Reluctant Religious Leaders

A New Testament professor in a seminary does not believe in virgin birth of Lord Jesus Christ and also in the miracles of Lord Jesus Christ. For him, certain statements of Lord Jesus Christ in the gospels is not right; a misquotation or imaginary statement of gospel writers. Simple people who hears his preaching or teaching are confused and never get hope or consolation. He is alike the religious leaders during the time of Lord Jesus Christ. The Pharisees and Sadducees were not able to believe in Lord Jesus Christ. Sadducees believed only Moses writings in the first five books of Old Testament and rejected other prophetic writings. Lord Jesus pointed out three flaws as cause of their unbelief.
1) Did not hear: The religious leaders refused to hear his voice. When they heard, they dismissed it as ‘noise’ or strange phenomenon. (John 5:37) Today also, many ‘liberal’ scholars state that the Bible ‘contains’ the Word of God. That means only selected verses are Word of God while others are not. They arrogate themselves to sit on the judgement seat to judge the Bible.
2) Did not have abiding word (John 5:38): They perhaps read, heard, or memorized the Scripture but did not meditate the Scripture with the help of Spirit of God to understand and grasp the meaning. As in the Parable of Sower; Word of God fell on way side to be stolen by Satan; among thorns that choked; in rocky ground that did not take root. Their heart was not ‘fertile’ ground to bring forth thirty, sixty and hundred-fold fruit. (Matthew 13:1-8; 18-23)
3) Did not search Scripture: Lord accused the leaders for not diligently searching the Scripture though they knew ‘that in them you have eternal life.’ (John 5:39,40) They did not study to discover and know the truth, but to support their presuppositions.
Sadly, there are many who read Bible as discipline or ritual or tradition or literature. Like religious leaders of the first century Israel, today also they do not have Eternal Life.
Do I receive His Word in faith?