Resurrection? Nonsense?

The faith of Christians has a firm base on the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. If Christ had not risen, the Christian faith would have been in vain. (I Corinthians 15:4) Resurrection shows that Almighty God will not allow Lord Jesus to see corruption and Holy God will not compromise with sin.
Nonsense: The resurrection message was nonsense or an idle tale. (Luke 24:11) For them, resurrection was impossible as it had never happened before in history. It is beyond human comprehension for the human mind. Decay, destruction, and death are norms in this world. Resurrection defies nature, known laws, and experience.
Bias: God in His wisdom chose women to be the first witness. (John 20:14) Bias against Woman’s testimony was common in the ancient world. Disciples were surprised by the testimony of women about the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. (Luke 24:22) Legally, woman’s testimony was not accepted in those times. The wrong presumption kept many away from the truth.
Lack of knowledge: Lord Jesus Christ taught His disciples that he will rise from the dead. This knowledge was beyond their understanding. The body of the Son of God will not corrupt, which means, he will rise again and ascend to heaven. (Psalms 16:10; 110:1)
Lies: People choose to believe in lies, rather than truth. False witnesses had the backing of religious authorities too. The Chief Priests summoned the security personnel who were guarding the tomb, knew the truth, and then commanded them to tell the world that the disciples stole the body when they were sleeping. The priestly class gave them money and protection from prosecution for the soldiers who slept on duty. (Matthew 28: 11-15)
Foolishness: The message of the cross is foolishness to some, and so is the resurrection. (I Corinthians 1:18) Resurrection signifies that God could raise foolish people and weak people to put the wise and strong of the world to shame. (I Corinthians 1:27-29)
Lack of faith: Many could not trust the testimony of the eyewitnesses. The eyewitnesses are maligned stating they had wicked motives to deceive people.
Has the cross and resurrection saved and transformed me?