Bible and Teams

God generally calls an individual and gives a vision to accomplish. Like Moses or Nehemiah God calls individuals with a purpose. These individuals must fulfill the vision by recruiting a team. Moses called the elders or sent a team to spy on the land. Leading teams needs many skills and a shepherding heart. Lord Jesus led the team of twelve, who changed the world dramatically and drastically, as they planted churches.
Divided team: Moses sent twelve spies to explore the Promised Land. However, they were divided into two groups. Ten gave a negative report, while the other two: Joshua and Caleb gave positive and possible reports. (Numbers 13) The negative report delayed the possession of the Land by forty years.
Dynamic team: The missionary team compromised Paul and Barnabas, later Paul and Silas were dynamic to reach out to many cities in the Roman Empire. They turned the world upside down indeed. (Acts 17:6)
Daring team: David longed to drink the water from a particular well in Bethlehem, which was under the control of the Philistines. Three of his loyal soldiers penetrated the security rings, climbed over the city wall, fetched the water, and gave it to David. (II Samuel 23:16-17)
Dangerous team: Simon and Levi invaded Shechem and killed all the men who were recovering from being circumcised. They avenged their sister Dinah’s humiliation and rape. (Genesis 34)
Distributed and coordinated team: Esther coordinated with Mordecai and prevented the genocide planned by Haman. Nehemiah mobilized and effectively coordinated many people including families to come and help him in building the walls of Jerusalem, which was accomplished in a record fifty-two days.
Distinct team: Ruth and Naomi were a distinct team. A lovely team of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law who loved and served one another and became ancestors of the Messiah, Lord Jesus Christ.
Disoriented team: The eleven Disciples when Jesus died on the cross became disoriented and hid themselves behind a closed door. Only after the resurrection and appearance of the Risen Saviour, they could bounce back to fulfill their God-given global mission. (John 20:19-29)
Do I serve in teams for the Glory of God?