True Righteousness

A court declared that a person abuses another person, demeaning him by calling out his caste name which is lowest in social strata is not a crime, if done in private, when no other outsider is present. (Bar & Bench, 23 December 2023) In other words, verbal abuse is not a crime according to the learned judges, if done inside a home.
Private or public: Abuse in any form, whether attitude, words, gestures, or behavior is a crime. In the same logic, domestic law forbids women from being beaten up in the home by their husbands and or other relatives. If the same group beats up a woman in a public space, will it be treated as normal or not a crime?
Attitude: It is sad to see that the professor had a demeaning attitude towards his students, even their parents. Instead, of being a coach, mentor, or well-wisher, he was filled with hate to become his sworn enemy. This attitude springs from a superiority complex that he is privileged, and others could be treated as trash.
Thoughts: The paradigm or thought pattern of the professor seems to be evil. He did not think of his teaching profession as a sacred call. Stewardship towards his students was missing. He was glad to see his students fail rather than help them excel.
Words: The words could encourage, inspire, affirm, motivate, and comfort someone. At the same time, words could be used to demean, denounce, deride, damage reputation, and even kill the spirit of a person. The professor chose to kill the dreams and careers of his students.
God’s purview: The eyes of the Lord roam to and fro over all the earth. (II Chronicles 16:9) No one could hide from the scrutiny of the eternal God, as if the heavenly CCTV is always on. Human courts and judges do not have the capacity, and they can even ignore evidence and misapply the law, but God is a righteous judge.
Righteous person: One who always does what is always right in the sight of God, in all circumstances, in the dark (private) or light (public).
Am I a righteous person who does what is always right?