Righteousness exalts a nation

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34) A nation could become a great nation or a failed nation.

1) Truth: The Word of God is Truth and Lord Jesus Christ himself is the Truth. God’s absolute Truth cannot be diluted or compromised or dissected. In India, there is a motto which is inscribed in the National Emblem: Satyamev Jayate which means: Truth Triumphs. Sadly, truth is exchanged for a lie, sometimes suppressed and marginalized.

2) Equality: All are created in the image of God, descended from one couple Adam and Eve, and Christ died for all. Hence all humans are born equal, but not treated or esteemed equal. A progressive nation treats all citizens as equals, valuable and precious.

3) Concern for the poor: A nation is righteous only when the poor are uplifted from poverty, their basic needs met, and no one dies of hunger. In democracy, there is political equality of one vote for each citizen. However, when it comes to economic or social equality, there is a lack. Some people are completely marginalized and unable to move out of the poverty cycle.

4) Education: A great nation has universal education in which all people become knowledgeable, able to read, understand, know, and contribute to society.

5) Health: A nation that has healthy citizens would be progressive. Good health care that is affordable and available to all should be a vision of any nation.

6) Freedom of speech: Great nations provide opportunity for all to express their ideas and opinions without being intimidated or attacked.

7) Freedom to worship: Great nations also understand God has given people Free Will to choose. They can choose the religion, worship, and faith.

8) Justice: In righteous nations, justice flows as a river, but in other nations it becomes bitter as wormwood. (Amos 5:7,24)

9) Prosperity: Everyone should sit under their own fig and vine tree, indicating prosperity. (Micah 4:4)

10) Peace: Great nations enjoy peace where violence, hatred and division are minimized.

Is my nation a righteous and great nation?