Sabbath: Truth and Hype

In the modern world, all humans desire to have weekend holidays. God’s purpose and intent was to help human beings, by celebrating Sabbath. The media hype about the weekend has impacted the minds of youngsters. God-fearing society regards Sabbath, while godless society rejoices on weekends.
Strengthened by Sabbath
Rest: God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. (Genesis 2:2) The seventh day is holy and ought to be celebrated, remembering that God has not created humans for work, but for Him.
Restoration: The Sabbath Day fellowship restores a believer’s priorities, vision, purpose and meaning of life.
Revival: Lord commanded through the Ten Commandments to keep the Sabbath Day holy. (Exodus 20:8) It is set apart for God, to worship Him and witness for Him. Sunday worship revives a believer’s heart, mind, and soul. With other believers it becomes a time of empowerment, edification and rejoicing in the Lord.
Rescue mission: God has called all believers to be involved in the rescue mission of saving the perishing. Doing good works, blessing people, visiting the sick, caring for the poor and helping those in need could be done during Sunday or weekly holidays.
Weakened by Weekend
Satan offers not just one day of rest, but two days, with the intention of weakening and drawing us faraway from God.
Eating out: In the world, the trend is for people to visit malls or food courts to eat and enjoy. Eating together as a family and community is good. It could be done in a loving fellowship of believers.
Entertainment: Young people are attracted to the world to have time for entertainment. Sadly, the world is in their hands in the form of smartphones.
Enjoyment: People like to have fun together in malls, theaters, and public arenas. Watching performances, and movies or visiting pubs are common weekend rituals. Drinking and dancing also increased. Both men and women are involved in this type of enjoyment.
Excursion: There are some who go on excursions: resorts, beaches, skiing, games, mountain climbing, forest sanctuaries…etc.
The choice is still mine: Hype or Truth?