Songs of Moses and the Lamb

Few songs of heaven are recorded in the Book of Revelation. There is one song that has two names. (Revelation 15:1-4) Interestingly, it is termed as: Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb. The song is an integration of the Old and the New covenants. There is a perfect union between the Law of Moses and Love of Lord Jesus Christ.
1) God’s works: The song celebrates God’s great, mighty and marvelous works. Moses wrote the song to celebrate God’s amazing deliverance from slavery in Egypt, His plagues to judge the Nation to let go slaves, and destruction of Pharaoh’s army that pursued the delivered people. God’s faithfulness that he fulfilled His Promise given to Abraham to bring His descendants to the Promised Land after four hundred years of slavery.
2) God’s ways: God’s ways are true, holy, straight, and righteous. God creates ways when there are no ways: a way in the sea and a path in mighty waters. (Isaiah 43:16) Lord created a way dividing the Red Sea, and after the Israelite passed through, he drowned the Egyptian army in the same Red Sea. God can use whirlwinds to take Elijah to heaven. (II Kings 2:1) God has created a new way through Lord Jesus Christ for humanity to be saved.
3) God’s worthiness: God is Holy. Hence, He judges the Nations. All humanity should fear and stand in awe in His presence. Divine attributes of God are evident in nature. (Romans 1:20) As we walk with God, we learn more of His attributes by personal experiences. David could give new names for the Lord like: Shepherd, Fortress, Refuge, Tower, Rock, Strength, Salvation… God is worthy of all worship and glory belongs to God.
4) God’s worship: The worship embraces the whole of humanity. All redeemed worship the Father for His love, attributes and this great salvation. All the rest will confess grudgingly or reluctantly, with their tongues and bow down on their knees before Lord Jesus is the Lord. (Philippians 2:10)
Do I sing the heavenly songs here?