Stubbornness in last days

Every day scary news reports are a sad commentary of deteriorating moral values, politeness, tolerance, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, and love. An eight-year-old boy, son of a doctor, was kidnapped and killed by two ex-employees of his hospital in Bulandshahr. They took revenge for being dismissed for under performance in the job. (NDTV news 31 January 2022) Strangely, now-a-days those who commit crime, even a first-time offender, do not show any remorse or shame or repentance. There is no fear of God, fear of society, fear of law or fear of consequences. Paul profiles such people in the Last Day with an elaborate list. (II Timothy 3:1-7)

1) Lovers of money: The two men loved money more than their service to humanity as medical professionals, or people including the patients and the owner of the hospital.

2) Proud and arrogant: They were so proud that they were offended, hurt and furious when they were dismissed from service for under-performance. Instead of introspection regarding their lack of stewardship, they hatched a notorious conspiracy for revenge.

3) Abusive: These two men were abusive. Generally, it begins with verbal abuse, then emotional abuse and it becomes physical violence. For them it descended to ruthless murder.

4) Heartless: Of course, they had a well-functioning physical heart, but did not have love, concern, mercy, sympathy, or compassion for others. Like wild beasts that prey on feeble sheep or deer, they could kidnap a small boy and kill him without mercy.

5) Ungrateful: These two men were beneficiaries of the hospital. Even during Pandemic time, they could earn a livelihood, while many lost their jobs. Instead of being grateful for their privilege, they abused them.

6) Brutal: Hurting others, even causing injury to others is not a natural human tendency. Most people like to live in peace and harmony. These men were excessively brutal towards a small boy.

7) Treacherous: Those in the medical profession are treated like gods or angels because they bring healing and health. However, these two men became merchants of death.

Do I love God and hate evil?