Study the works of the Lord

“Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.” (Psalm 111:2 ESV) The visible and things of the world should be known to be admired or loved. However, the reverse is true regarding God. We must love Him to know him. Until the end of the age, there will be millions of people who will study yet will not be able to comprehend the wisdom of God. There are many marvelous amazing works of the Lord. This psalm lists some of them:
1) Creation: The splendor and majesty of God’s creation is beyond description. (verse 3) Scientific Knowledge will be always incomplete and tools inadequate to explore the newer and unknown facts of science. With so many universities, research scholars and scientists, humanity has not comprehended any aspect of science: physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, microbiology…etc.
2) Righteousness: God is Just and displays his righteousness in this world. Holy Lord Jesus death is the display of justice of righteous God who accepted the atonement on behalf of sinful humanity and to forgive them. (verse 3) 3) History: God is not silent, actionless and distant God; but intervenes in history of humanity. Yes, his wondrous works are to be remembered as they are full of grace and mercy (verse 4)
4) Covenant: God makes covenant with fragile men to reveal his glory and grace. He remembers covenant and is faithful to fulfill them. (verse 5)
5) Provider: Lord provides for all living creatures. Sadly, some people go without food or nutrition, not because there is not enough. As selfish people grab and hoard and deprive others of food. (verse 5)
6) Nations: God determined the borders of nations and provide Inheritance to nations
7) Redemption: God redeems his people Israel from the tyranny of Egypt. (verse 9) He has redeemed believers from the tyranny of Satan.
Do I search the deep things of God?