The danger of settling for less

Some people like to do nothing but desire to possess everything. People of God have responsibilities to fulfill, when they fail to do, they will be punished. Israel had not entered the Promised Land. Before they could enter, they had conquered the Moabites and the Midianites. The leaders of the two tribes thought the place that is called Transjordan would be good for their livestock. The place chosen was high lands overlooking the Jordan Valley, had good rainfall, and was fertile. For 400 years under slavery longed to go to the Promised Land. After 40 years in the wilderness, the tribes of Reuben and Gad were willing to settle for less, without crossing the Jordan. Their desire or anxiety to settle early was a bad choice. The leaders promised that they would go with other tribes and fight wars for them to possess the Land. Moses said, if they do not do their duty, their sin will find them out. (Numbers 32:23) The warning applies to all Christians who are not engaging in the Body of Christ.

Idleness: The tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh could think they had got what they wanted. Hence, their desire is fulfilled. By idleness, they could fail to contribute to others.

Indulgence: They could be involved in self-indulgence when others were fighting the war, risking their lives.

Insensitive and unbrotherliness: As descendants of the Patriarch, bound by the Law of Moses, covenant, and Promises of God, they were one. Ignoring the needs of brothers is betrayal. There is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism that makes the global church one Body, (Ephesians 4:5-6)

Ingratitude: God gave the inheritance, for which the tribes should be grateful. Their gratefulness should be expressed in helping other tribes to possess their inheritance.

Inaction: If the leaders do not help other tribes, it will result in inaction. When a person is inactive, that person becomes weakened. Being inactive in God’s Vineyard means to weaken oneself and become vulnerable to vice and attacks of Satan.

Am I a slave of sins of idleness, indulgence, insensitivity, ingratitude, and inaction?