The Lord sang

Christian faith has joyful singing as an important ingredient. A song exhorts believers to sing every day, when the days are bright, even through the darkest nights. The largest book in the Bible is Songs: The Psalms. King David was a sweet singer, songwriter, and musician. Miriam, the prophetess led in singing. Songs and worship are an important aspect of Heaven as evident in the Book of Revelation. The Lord Jesus Christ along with his disciples sang when they proceeded to the Mount Olives. (Matthew 26:30; Mark 14:26)

Worship: The Lord sang lifting His voice in adoration and worship to God the Father. How was His voice? He was an example to all disciples, of how to sing unto the Lord with all strength, soul, mind, and body. Probably, the Lord Himself led the singing. Just the night before His crucifixion He was able to sing, inspiring other disciples to sing.

Hallel songs: It was a Jewish custom to sing three Psalms (Psalms 116-118) during the Passover meal. These songs remarkably state about the Messiah as rejected stone becoming cornerstone, pain, and pangs of Sheol encompassing, Gentiles will laud him, precious is the death of His saints, the Lord is salvation, bind the sacrifice on the altar…etc. These words did comfort him.

Sing in Spirit and Mind: Paul exhorts believers in the city of Corinth to praise and sing in Spirit and mind. (I Corinthians 14:15) Singing is not just physical or emotional expression. It involves the whole being, inner person, mind, soul, emotions, and physical body.

Song in the Night: Asaph wrote sixteen verses that form one song, for difficult, and darkest nights. (Psalms 42-43) Asaph wrote this song away from the Temple, from friends, and felt away from God’s presence. A song changes the misery to prayer. Song confronts despair with God’s Promises.

Paul and Silas: Paul and Silas were arrested and thrown in a prison in Philippi. Being bruised and chained, they sang, that God sent an earthquake to deliver them so that the Jailor was also saved. (Acts 16:25-26)

Do I enjoy singing unto the Lord?