The Ultimate Court

Justice Ranga Nath Mishra served as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India. He visited a famous temple when he heard someone calling: “Ranga Nath Babu.” The security personnel and family members were astonished to hear the Chief Justice’s name called so loud, that too several times. One beggar, a leper, with a deformed face said to the Chief Justice: “Sir, I am the notorious Kulia Daku (thief). When you were practicing in Odisha High Court, I was your client. In a robbery & murder case, I was awarded lifetime rigorous punishment by the lower court. But you argued in my favor and got me released. Even in other cases, I escaped without punishment. I was acquitted by human court but am punished by the court of the Almighty. I have lost my limbs, kith, kin, hated, driven out of home and village. I crawl on the road begging to survive.” The Chief Justice gave some money and left shell-shocked.

God’s Justice: In the world, humans could cheat the system, find loopholes in the law, and even bribe officials and judges and escape. There is no excuse and escape in the court of God. Even if a person escapes punishment in this world, he will be judged by God. It is appointed for man to die once, and then stand before God in judgment. (Hebrews 9:27)

Instant justice? God has the power and authority to do judge instantly, yet he is merciful. God did not judge Adam and Eve instantly by giving them the death sentence. God is patient so that everyone may have the opportunity to repent. (II Peter 3:9) God has given instant justice to a few likes of Ananias and Sapphira for telling lies to the Holy Spirit. (Acts 5)

Imminent Justice: God is righteous, his judgments are flawless, superior to human courts, and will execute judgment according to His time. (Psalms 11:7) No one can escape that all intentions, motivations, thoughts, words, acts, and deeds will be judged.

Have I received Lord Jesus as my savior to escape the wrath of God?