Myriad of methods

Many believe, there are many ways to God or Heaven. The Bible declares, that there is only one way and One name, Lord Jesus Christ. (John 14:6)
Gnana marga: This path of true knowledge, not intellectual is to know the unity of Brahman (God) and atman (human) by rejecting the illusion (Maya), of the world. It is possible, only for those who have access to that knowledge and scriptures. As even scriptures are forbidden for most humanity, a majority will be deprived of reaching that kind of salvation.
Bhakti marga: It is choosing to express extreme devotion to a personal god/goddess. Sometimes, it is extreme forms of devotion including piercing tongue, reaching the temple rolling on the road…etc. This also is not for all people to practice.
Karma marga: This is to do faithfully the work or duty of the caste one is born. If he is born into a cobbler family, he should fulfill the duty of a cobbler. Also, he should renounce the fruit of all works.
Tapasya: Some people wish to attain unity with God by hard penance. They practice for years together with high concentration. They could control their bodies with their minds. Some sit in the snow mountains unaffected by cold or sit or stand in difficult postures, and some are unmindful of their surroundings which could be filthy. Again, this is for very few people.
Pilgrimage: In some religions, making a pilgrimage to one or a few holy sites could earn their salvation. The pilgrimage could be expensive, and most people could not afford it.
Good works: Others believe in good works. That could be feeding cows, crows, doves, and sheltering stray animals and sometimes the poor.
Sacrifice: Like Judaism, many religions and cults practice ritual sacrifice. The sacrifices of Judaism pointed towards the sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate and only sacrifice acceptable to God for the salvation of humanity.
By faith: Salvation is not by all these works, but only by faith in the finished work of Lord Jesus Christ.

Have I received the gift of salvation by faith?