What is salvation?

The Biblical understanding of salvation is not the same, as that sought by many religious people. Some people think that this life is a bondage, and death itself is salvation. For others, it is deliverance from the cycle of births. People believe that there are rebirths into this world as different species from seven to eighty-four lakhs (8.4 million) times. Some believe that life is like a candle, when the candle dies, it lights another candle. According to some philosophies, all will come to nothing. This is a rebellious philosophy that God created all out of nothing but expects all to become nothing with the spirit of Satan that is hell-bent on stealing, killing, and destroying.

The Fall
Satan disguised himself as a serpent in the Garden of Eden, sowed the seed of doubt, and seduced Adam and Eve to sin. First, the Desire to be wise: It is not wrong. However, the goal of the desire was to become like God and know good and evil. Second, Delight to the eyes is a pleasant process. She wanted an experience that came out of all senses. Third, to be like God, not knowing what it means to be God. The aspiration for upward mobility pulled them down. (Genesis 3:1-24)

Fear, Shame, and guilt
They were afraid, hid themselves; were ashamed, and made garments of fig leaves stitching them together and were guilty, and experienced spiritual death. Hence, any process of salvation must bring them back to their original state before Fall.

Three dimensions
Past: Those who receive Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for humanity, buried and rose again are forgiven, declared righteous, clothed with the garment of salvation, and reconciled with God. Fear, shame, and guilt are taken care of.

Present: Those who fear the Lord need not fear any man or circumstances. They do not have the spirit of fear but of glory and power. Also are eternally worshipping priests.

Future: In Heaven, there would be no fear or shame or guilt, but holiness, glory, worship, joy, fellowship, and eternal peace.

Have I inherited this salvation by faith?