The Ultimate Personality

She is a follower of Lord Jesus Christ from a different religious background. In the social hierarchy, she was from the privileged caste. When she was 14 years old, her mother died. As a teenager, she had questions about life that became a life pursuit. First, she was disillusioned to know the description of the deeds of many gods and goddesses. She felt it was not absolute moral standards, but instead inconsistent behavior, relativism, or situational ethics. Second, as a seeker, she went to various religious places accompanying her father and was greatly disturbed by the attitude and lifestyle of the religious leaders. Third, her father who was disciplined and religious had a ritual of meditation and worship in his puja room for an hour. But when he came out, he was very angry and would express his anger on his children and that terrified her.
Search for truth: To her surprise, a classmate who studied with her was distinct, had high values, and was a girl of noble character. She was generous to gift her a New Testament. When she read the gospel, the personality of Lord Jesus Christ who was Holy, righteous, loving, gracious, compassionate, humble…etc. attracted her. Her search led her to know the Lord Jesus Christ as truth and became his follower.
Ultimate Personality: Stanley Jones describes Lord Jesus Christ as the Ultimate Personality. Lord is perfect, holy, eternal, righteous, and justice. Any virtue that is considered great in the world is seen in the highest perfect form. No one could be compared with him.
God is Holy: Only in the Bible, God is revealed and taught as holy. Psalmist declares that God is Holy. (Psalms 99:9) His holiness is entirely and exactly opposite of sin, which God cannot even look upon. (Habakkuk 1:13) This attribute of God becomes the bedrock of all morality, righteousness, truth, and justice. Without understanding the holiness of God, it is not possible to understand the ugliness, gravity, and horrific nature of sin.
Do I know Lord Jesus Christ as the Ultimate Personality?