Truth in love

On old lady in a village was not accepted, rejected, boycotted, and even doors slammed against her. She was much worried and went to the next village. There she sat weeping. Suddenly, there was a handsome young man riding a horse. All villagers invited him to their homes, showed him hospitality and gave gifts. The young man started packing the gifts he received to carry it with him. The old woman witnessing this, asked the young man: “What is your name?” The young man said: “My name is Story, what is your name?” The old woman said: “Truth.” He said, “Come with me, we can travel together and communicate the message, we can share the gifts 50-50. (Story shared by Ray Neu, Orality Consultant) Speaking truth is not welcome by people. Speaking truth in love is essential. (Ephesians 4:15) Truth in love is Truth in Story for Postmodern and Post Truth generation.
1) Speak: God has called us to speak the truth, the gospel, the Word of God to all humanity. We have to go and preach or tell or teach the good news to the whole world. (Matthew 28:18-20)
2) Truth: We ought to be speaking the Truth. Lord Jesus Christ is the Truth, His word is the Truth. (John 14:6; 17:17) Truth is bitter for most people. Medicine is mostly bitter, but that is essential to receive healing. Hence, medicine is coated with sweetener.
3) Love: Paul suggests that we could present truth in love. All people, old or young, men or women love stories. People could relate to stories and could identify themselves with the characters in the story. Hence, people wish to eagerly listen to the stories. Not only their mind receives the story, it touches their heart to. Hence, using parables as Lord did or modern stories or illustrations to communicate truth is strategic.
In the Digital world, more people engage with media by listening and watching rather than reading.
Do I make efforts to speak the truth in love?