Vision or survival?

There was a huge global organization that worked mainly among children. In many countries they worked and had helped millions of children to have education, get out of poverty and have respectable life in their nation. In one country they had over 530 projects with about 200000 beneficiaries. Suddenly the government of the nation stopped all Children ministries. Almost all, they did not have any other means to continue their education. However, about fifteen organizations worked on alternatives and continued the project for the sake of the children. 500 plus local churches just abandoned the children like hot potatoes.
Most of these pastors were pursuing the projects for children, do it for a variety of reasons.
1) Lack of vision: The leaders of these projects did not have vision for children, their progress or future. As a local church, they were struggling or as new in the ministry looking for strategy, take up children ministry. That too when project comes with funding.
2) Lack of love: These leaders may have great passion and love for the Lord. But they do not have love towards people whom they serve. They consider children in their project as just ‘parasites’ consuming their benevolence, generosity and other resources. It is not possible to serve without love, hence it becomes like transactional job. Like courier service they pick the parcel from one point and just deliver at another point. If there is no parcel at pick up point, they forget about delivery point. (Luke 6:32-36)
3) Lack of faith: When Lord Jesus fed five thousand plus people, the disciples gave multiple excuses, why they cannot feed the big crowd. Lord mobilized resources from within the crowd and fed all of them. Instead of looking to God, they look towards the ravens that fed Elijah.
4) Lack of stewardship: Ministry is stewardship of all responsibilities and resources. If few children are given under care, it is our responsibility to take care. No use in blaming the government or donors. (I Peter 4:10-11)
Ministry and mission are based on God’s call, vision, love, faith and stewardship. If not, it is just selfish survival.
Do I have attitude of stewardship and love for those whom I serve?