Weakness and power

A bridge came crashing down on the day of the inauguration. Some of the celebrities who were present to inaugurate the bridge were injured. The investigation that followed revealed that the foundation pillars were not appropriately designed and that they could not bear the weight. Generally, the weak breaks or crushes or is destroyed when excess power or weight comes upon anything or any person. However, God’s dealing with humans is amazing. The weak human vessels are not crushed, but instead strengthened to fulfill the purpose of God.
Paul: Something was bothering Paul that he considered a thorn in his flesh. Paul saw that as an obstruction or slowing him down or preventing him to focus. He fervently pleaded that the Lord may remove that thorn. However, the Lord gave him a different solution. Instead of removing his weakness, he will display His strength or power through His grace, so that he will not feel inadequate or ineffective. (II Corinthians 12:7-10) God’s power will not break a weak human vessel like Paul, instead, his weakness will be transformed into strength or power by His grace. His physical status will not change, but God’s power without consuming him will use him to fulfill God’s purpose.
Mary: The message from Archangel Gabriel to Virgin Mary was significant. An ordinary, simple, and unknown girl found it incredible and impossible. The answer of Gabriel was: The power of the Highest will overshadow Mary by the Holy Spirit. (Luke 1:35) God’s plan of incarnation did not destroy Mary but prepared her as a channel or tool.
Temple of the Holy Spirit: God desires to be in fellowship with humans. God visited Adam and Eve every day. (Genesis 3:8) The disobedience led to the Fall of humanity and there was a need for redemption, which was promised to the first human couple. Lord Jesus Christ as incarnation indwelt among ordinary humans. (John 1:14) When a person invites Lord Jesus, the triune God comes and indwells in that person. (Revelation 3:20) Paul writes that we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. (I Corinthians 6:19)
Is my body the Temple?