Upset or Upbeat?

One person lived on the banks of a river since his birth. The river was the source of water as well as livelihood, as he was a fisherman. One day, there was a severe flood that broke the banks and flooded a huge area. His village, including his house, was washed away. He lost all hope and was angry with the river, which he considered his goddess. In frustration, he took an oath never to use the river water for any purpose, even for drinking. This rash vow made his life miserable. When questioned, he will always say that he was ‘upset’.
Right to be upset: The reluctant prophet Jonah, at last, reached Nineveh and he preached. Contradictory to his expectation, the people of the city repented, fasted, and prayed. Jonah was upset and angry that God forgave the city, which made his prophecy null and void. (Jonah 4:9) For Jonah, his reputation was more valuable than the repentance and reconciliation of 120000 people.
Many things: Martha was upset about many things, probably, the burden of excelling in hospitality to the Lord Jesus and His disciples. She was angry with her sister Mary for idling her time sitting at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. However, the Lord commended Mary for making the right choice of One thing. (Luke 10:42) Multi-focus could upset, while single focus gives concentration and strength to succeed.
Christ: Many people are upset with Lord Jesus Christ, because of His claims as the Only Saviour and the Only Way to salvation. The Jewish people did not want a Messiah who would love the Gentiles equally. Some people are upset that the Lord loves people of all castes, classes, clans, races, and regions equally. The loser is always the individual, not Lord Jesus Christ.
Church: Some people are upset with someone or something in the church. Disliking pastors or elders or members or traditions have made few people shun the church. The loss is for the individual and not the church.
Do I choose to be upset or upbeat in Christ?