Decorum or Deliverance?

On all Sabbath days, it was a spiritual discipline, a practice, and a tradition for all devout Jews to gather in synagogue. In one such gathering, Lord Jesus was invited to speak. There Lord saw a woman who was bent and cannot stand erect because of a disabling spirit. He called her and healed her. (Luke 13:12)
Priority: The priority of the synagogue leader was to conduct the service with punctuality, perfection, and orderliness. But Lord’s concern was about people who came to worship and their needs should be met. Today, how is the functioning of a local church? It is all about an impressive show or God meeting people.
Concern: The concern of the synagogue leader was about the event. For him, the event is God-ordained and should not be interrupted or deviated from the order of service. The Lord’s concern was for each participant, who had come to worship the Lord. Many pastors are concerned about the event but are least bothered about the people and their needs.
Ignored or esteemed: The woman with a disability was ignored by the synagogue leader as well as other worshippers. Probably, she came to the synagogue for all eighteen years and sat at the same place to worship the Lord. Most put her off their mind and sight. For the Lord, the woman despite disability was present with a great endeavor to worship the Lord. She deserved appreciation and applause. James rebuked pastors who showed partiality by honoring the rich while mistreating the poor. (James 2: 1-4)
Sacrifice: Many in the synagogue perhaps thought she had nothing else to do and was there. However, it was with a great physical effort she was there. Others could simply walk in, but she had to force herself to be there. The synagogue leader failed to appreciate her efforts, but Lord looked at her, called her, and affirmed her dignity and diligence.
Rejoice or sad: The Synagogue leader was angry, sad, and frustrated by the breach of protocol. The woman was delivered, and the people saw the glory of God.
Do I seek those in need and help them?