Mission Mandate

One person was beaten up for preaching on the railway platform, another woman was dragged to the police station for distributing Christian literature and a group of people traveling in a van was stopped and beaten. The situation in many places in India is not favorable for the preaching of the gospel. One Christian leader said that the Church should voluntarily declare a moratorium on preaching the gospel. The Mandate is the same, the Message is the same but the Methods change according to the context.
Preach: The word means to proclaim the truth with conviction, confidence, and courage. Paul exhorts Timothy to preach in all seasons or situations. (II Timothy 4:2) Preaching could be verbal or writing or audio/visual using Digital technology. Preaching could be from the pulpit of churches, stages, tents, houses, or streets. John Wesley when denied pulpits in churches, preached from tombs, as people came to hear. John the Baptist preached in the wilderness, where people flocked to hear him. (Matthew 3:1)
Presence: There is a misquotation of St. Francis of Assisi made: Preach always, if necessary, with words. There is no evidence that he ever made this statement. Many state that the love of God should be demonstrated to the world in action, deeds, and service. Some believe that only social service should be done, without proclamation. People who watch the deeds which are like the salt of the earth and light of the world would glorify the Heavenly Father. (Matthew 5: 13-16)
Power: Others firmly believe that the word of God should be demonstrated by signs, healing, wonders, and deliverance. Preaching should always be accompanied by miracles is their argument.
Proclamation: The word means to declare officially, pronounce formally, announce openly, demonstrate publicly, and speak defiantly or insistently. The proclamation could be by words, deeds, power encounters, literature, audio, and video platforms.
Persuasion: The Great Commission’s mandate is to make disciples of all nations by imploring and appealing to all to be reconciled with God. (II Corinthians 5: 20) The result of all means and methods should result in making disciples.
Do I strive to make disciples?