Wise children of light

One of the difficult parables to understand in the Scripture is the Parable about the Shrewd Manager. (Luke 16:1-9)

Audience and Context: It is a lesson for ‘Children of Light’. Lord chose children of Israel as ‘Children of light’ to the Gentiles. The Apostles were the immediate audience of the Lord Jesus and were the representatives of the Church – Children of Light. The steward represents his master and has ‘power of attorney’ to execute legal contracts on behalf of him. The steward can build the reputation of the master by his behavior. The rich master could be seen as evil or benevolent according to the activities of the steward. In this parable, the master gets some reports that his reputation is being sullied. So, he wanted to sit with the steward to take stock of the situation.

Lessons from Shrewd Steward: First, self-preservation. He was afraid of losing his job and did not want to dig or do hard work. But wanted to sustain until his death. Second, afraid of a bleak future, he quickly makes amends. Third, as a good manager, he did a reality check or SWOT analysis. Now, he realizes a sense of satisfaction that he was able to help some people. Also, he was reducing the burden of the poor people, by wavering and writing off loans. In other words, he was doing justice to them, which is a righteous act. Fourth, lately, he started using resources to do good.

Commendation: The steward acted swiftly and shrewdly. The whole estate was restless because of the steward’s arbitrary activities, and that bad reputation for the Master as unjust, exploitative, oppressive, and insensitive. However, the steward’s quick action calmed the people and the good reputation of the Master was enhanced as just, benevolent, and generous. Hence, the Master commends the shrewd action of the dishonest steward.

Realize, Repent, Restore: The shrewd steward, recognized the danger, repented, and restored by damage control. Once he was unjust, foolish, negligent, oppressive, reckless, wealth-driven, and insensitive. Now, he became wise and prudent.

Am I a shrewd, strategic, and wise child of light?