Worthy of the calling

There are news reports of how medical professionals have misused their skills and even been ruthless murderers. One nurse killed many kids by switching off the incubators of babies. Another nurse killed the senior citizens. These people were not living a life that was worthy of their calling as medical professionals. Paul begs Christians to live a life worthy of Christian calling. (Ephesians 4:1-6) Every believer is the Firstborn and has a higher status than even kings of the earth. (Psalms 89:27)

Humility: Most people think humility is a foolish option. Displaying power is an expression of pride is desire of many. The model for humility is Lord Himself who left the power and authority in heaven and became a slave to die for humanity. (Philippians 2:1-10)

Gentleness: Being courteous, polite, and honoring others more than us is Gentleness.

Patience and Bearing: In relationships, there will be always wrongs between people. Forgiving, forgetting, and trusting again are essential for healthy relationships in God’s family. Patience is suspending the power to take revenge, instead showing love and understanding.

Love: God’s children should be like God, who is love. The world is filled with anger, hate, wrath, violence, malice, rage, and revenge. In such a dark world, Christians are the only hope, who could demonstrate love. The inexhaustible love of God energizes Christians to show love in the world.

Unity: Sadly, the church’s history is full of strife, fights, splits, and even violence among Christians. Some were branded as heretics and burnt in stakes. However, the Lord taught and prayed for unity among His disciples. The core of Christian discipleship is Love, which unites people of God.

Peace: There is a proverb: “One who is at peace with himself, could be at peace with others.” Lord Jesus Christ give peace that is beyond comprehension, which the world can never offer or snatch away. One of the fruits of the spirit is peace. The three-dimensional aspect of peace: With God, with oneself, and with others is a mark of a Christian.

Does my life demonstrate my call?