Bought with a price

Shanthi had two elder siblings who died as infants. As the third child, the parents were perturbed and consulted a fortune-teller who prescribed a remedy. The six-year-old girl was taken to a temple, made to sit on the lap of the priest. Then her parents had a tray of paddy chaff, placed an Indian currency (worth two rupees) and gave it to the priest saying: “We purchase this girl for the payment of this chaff and adopt her into our family.” This ritual was considered as protection for the child that the curse that may run through the family may not affect the child. Shanthi was nicknamed as ‘child bought for paddy chaff.’ (Oliyoottum Akkiniththuli (Shining fire brand) Biography of Rev. Tilak Samuel: A Model Pastoral Counsellor- Shanthi Tilak) Even in a ritual the price of a girl child was reduced to chaff. However, God values humans as precious as He loves humanity with unfailing and unfathomable love.
1) Bought with price: God has purchased the fallen, sinful, and wicked humanity for a price. The price was to send His Son Lord Jesus Christ to die for fallen humans. (I Corinthians 6:20)
2) Bought with precious blood: Peter asserts that children of God were not purchased with perishable things like gold or silver, but with the blood of Lord Jesus Christ. (I Peter 1:18) Each human being created in the image of God is of immeasurable worth, that the Son of God shed his blood to redeem them.
3) Bought for His glory: Paul writes that God has bought us for His glory. Hence, we all belong to Him alone and all of our body, soul and spirit should be spent for His glory alone.
4) Bought for a purpose: “You were bought with a price, do not become bondservants of men.” (I Corinthians 7:23) The Master who has bought, has done with a glorious eternal purpose. Hence, Christians should not go again into bondage of sin or world or Satan.
Do I realize my worth by being redeemed by the blood of Lord Jesus?