Cain’s Way

The life of Cain was detestable to God as he chose his own way. (Jude 1:11; Genesis 4)

1) Way of Unbelief: While Abel chooses the path of faith, Cain chooses unbelief. Abel had faith to bring the lamb that would point to the Lamb of God who will take away the sin of the world by shedding his blood. Cain was self-dependent, proud rather than God-dependent and humble.
2) Way of Envy: Cain also was envious of his brother. Abel had qualities that he did not possess. Instead of striving to be like Abel, he chose to eliminate Abel so that he becomes the sole receiver of blessing. Envy is rottenness to bones. (Proverbs 14:30)
3) Way of Negative Attitude: Cain chose to dwell in his negative state of mind. There was no remorse or repentance, rather defiance. He preferred to be at war with God rather than repent and be reconciled to God. His negative approach to life, led him to wickedness and murder.
4) Way of Violence: Cain chose violence as a tool for punishment. He wanted to punish his brother Abel for doing and being good. Cain could not tolerate any better person to live on the face of the earth.
5) Way of Rebellion and Stubbornness: In spite of warning from God, he went ahead killing Abel. When God confronted Cain, he lied stating that he did not know where his brother was and asked whether he was the keeper of his brother. His attitude towards God, Abel and moral values was that of rebellion and stubbornness.
6) Way of Unrepentance: Cain also did not repent. He lost the capacity to repent. This is because of the hardening of his heart and being insensitive to the Holy Spirit. Cain was like the elder son in the Prodigal Son parable, who stood outside home instead of being inside.
7) Way of death: The way he chose ended in eternal separation from God, the second death. (Proverbs 14:12) Cain chose one such way that led him to disaster.

Have I chosen The Way of Life in Lord Jesus Christ?