Dog fights?

A marriage ended abruptly for a bizarre reason. The bride’s family did not entertain the bridegroom’s family and his guest well. They failed to add the bone marrow of lamb (mutton) menu. The two families fought, police intervened, but failed to convince the egoistic family to continue with the marriage ceremony. (India Today 26 December 2024) Indeed doggy contention for bones.
Food for the stomach? People could think both ways: food for stomach or stomach for food; but God will destroy both. (I Corinthians 6:13) People could eat food for survival, strength, stamina, and even for taste or pleasure. However, food can neither be God, nor life purpose. In Proverbs, advice is given to put a knife on the throat, if a person is overwhelmed or seduced by temptations of food. (Proverbs 23:2)
Purpose of marriage: The purpose of the gathering was an important moment, the wedding of two young people. These guests reduced the sacred ceremony to eating feast. The feast became fisticuffs, fights, and permanent separation. The sacred purpose of forging a covenant relationship was forgotten. They had gathered for a noble purpose but forgot and indulged in a petty dogfight.
Deprived two: The family members deprived the two: bride and bridegroom of an opportunity to start a new life of covenant. For the individuals, it would be perpetual emotional turmoil and nightmare.
Honor-hungry crowd: The bridegroom’s family was hungry for honor. Sadly, their honor was connected to the food that was served in the feast. They felt offended and snatched the blessed married life of the couple. There was no attitude of forgiveness, reconciliation, or graciousness.
Bride: The bridegroom’s family did not have any respect or regard for women, especially the bride. They came to invite and take her but abandoned her abruptly. For them, the bride was not priceless, but the dowry she brings was important. Their logic was if the bride’s family could not provide marrow in meals, the status was below their expectations. She was like a property rather than a person created in the image of God.
Do I hold on to dignity and decorum on all occasions?