Three kinds of churches

Gary Hamrick states there are three kinds of churches. The local churches exist amid a cultural context. In three ways churches respond to popular culture.
1) Complicit: Participating in the culture without opposing it. This is a passive church, sometimes withdrawing into shells. Hence, the church does not influence the culture. Sadly, some of the cultural practices seep into the church. The sins approved by culture also is approved by the church, even when the Scripture forbids such sins. There are complicit churches that allow social sins like dowry, domestic violence, and caste discrimination unaddressed. This church is in the process of backsliding.
2) Complacent: Disagreeing with the culture but not actively opposing it. The church takes the right stand, interpreting the Scripture correctly to the given situations. However, they do not resist sin. Believers are expected to resist sin, Satan, the world, principles of the world: desires of eyes, flesh, and pride of life, false teaching. Yet, they have not resisted like the martyrs like the prophets in the Old Testament. Their striving, struggle, or fight is inadequate. (Hebrews 12:4) The church submits to the Lordship of Christ but does not resist the devil as dynamically and aggressively as intended. (James 4:7) This is a weak church without dynamism to counter the culture.
3) Courageous: Saying what needs to be said doing what needs to be done and accepting the consequences without self-pity and anger. This church boldly declares what is true according to Scripture to the world. Like John the Baptist and Nathan, they confront those who are in authority. The believers are not scared of opposition, threats, harassment, detention, and prison. They are not overwhelmed by martyr complex or anger against humans as they understand they wrestle against the principalities and not against humans. (Ephesians 6:12) This church is dynamic and aggressive in resisting sin.
Throughout history, all three kinds of churches have existed. Praise God for the triumphant churches that defeated Satan and his subtle attacks, and continue to be faithful witnesses in the world.
Do I belong to a courageous church?