Fate made him an orphan?

There was a terrible car accident in which both parents were killed, and one-year-old boy was alive, rather miraculously. There were people who gave different comments. ‘The boy is a devil; he swallowed his parents.’ Another said: ‘His parents’ deeds (karma) were not good, so this is the fate for the child.’ One opined: ‘This boy has reincarnated to suffer, because of the sin of earlier births.’ The voices were pessimistic, judgmental and without hope. A social worker came and said: “This child is alive to test the character of those who are alive. Will any of you love this child? Or hate this child? Anyone willing to adopt and bring up in your family? Can this child get love, care, and nurture as that of his parents?” There was complete silence.
Speculation: There are many theories, myths, opinions that are just speculations. There is no truth or reason. Even the disciples of Lord Jesus Christ were influenced by the cultural values. They wondered if the cause of a person being born blind could be the sin of him or his parents. (John 9:2)
Judgmental: The attitude of people was that they know for sure the context, causes for such suffering. Hence, they gave their religious opinions.
Illogical: How can a small boy be punished that he could not even know or understand the sins, if any had been committed. When there is no evidence for the cycle of birth, where is there evidence for past sins? How can a person be punished without a charge-sheet being filed?
Punishment: Some people understand all kinds of sufferings are either punishment of sin or fate. The suffering of Job was not connected with his sin, in fact, God declares him as righteous. The suffering was used by God like testing of gold (faith of Job).
Call to repent: Lord Jesus Christ refused to discuss or debate the tragedy due to the fall of the Tower of Siloam. Instead, he demanded those who are alive and have knowledge of such disasters should repent or could perish like such victims. (Luke 13:1-5)
Do I speculate or repent?