Rebuking questions

Lord Jesus Christ was teaching about the yeast (leaven). Jewish scholars believed that yeast refers to the Original Sin. Instead of grasping the meaning of the message, their thoughts went to bread they had forgotten to pack for the journey. Probably, angry Lord rebuked them with nine rapid-fire questions. (Mark 8:14-20)
1) Discussion: Why are they discussing forgotten bread, while the Lord was talking about Sin that endangers their spiritual journey. Their minds were diverted from Spiritual discourse to blame games for not packing food. Like many whose minds divert during prayer or hearing sermon.
2) Did not perceive: The disciples were not using their mind to make sense of what they observed.
3) Did not understand: The disciples failed not only to make sense, failed to interpret, and understand the meaning. They were like Pharisees unable to discern signs. (Matthew 16:3)
4) Hearts hardened: The disciples were so dull-hearted that their minds also did not work. Heart without love for the Lord, or intention to obey will lead to a hardened heart and darkened mind.
5) Non-functional eyes and ears: Lord rebuked them that they were seeing, hearing but casually, without intention to understand and grasp the meaning. It was like glancing rather than observing.
6) Memory loss: The disciples not only forgot to pack the lunch, but they also forgot the two events of feeding five thousand and feeding four thousand. They did not act with presence of mind at the present and forgot even the past instructive experiences.
7) Count of baskets: Lord asked them to recollect how many baskets they gathered as surplus in the Feeding of the Five thousand. Disciples vividly remembered it was twelve. Lord engaged the twelve to teach them lessons, but they did not learn.
8) Second count: Lord asked how many baskets they retrieved after the Feeding for four thousand. Disciples were quick to answer it, seven. Facts remembered, but lessons are forgotten.
9) Did not yet understand: After probing questions, were the disciples able to understand? How many repetitions, explanations, and clarifications are needed?
Do I discern, perceive, and understand?