Five truths about prayer

Joel R. Beeke in his book: How can I cultivate private prayers provided five truths about prayer.
Wellbeing of the soul: Prayer is essential for the spiritual well-being of a person. It is compared with breathing which is absolute for the existence of the human body. Some compare it with the heartbeat. It must be rhythmic with the mind and will of God.
Fulfillment of calling: Prayer helps to fulfill the basic calling of a Christian. It has a ripple effect. First circle is the individual. Second is the family: Prayer and intercession for family, extended family, relatives, kith, and kin. Third is the local church: Praying for the church leaders, fellow believers, ministries of the church and missionaries sent out or supported by the church. Fourth, is the prayer for the nation. God has placed us in one nation or the other, pleading for the nation is a national duty. Fifth, praying for the world including global missions.
Christlike activity: Prayer is one of the most Christlike activities a believer could be engaged in. Fellowship with the Father was the priority for the Son of God. He prayed all night. (Luke 6:12) The intensity of prayer that sweat became blood was witnessed in the Garden of Gethsemane. (Luke 22:44) The Disciples found the prayer life of Lord Jesus and asked him to teach them to pray. (Luke 11:2) Prayer for enemies was the first act, when he was crucified. (Luke 23:34)
Blessings: Prayer is the best, perhaps the only means of distributing the blessings of His Kingdom and the gifts of Christ to His people. Through prayer, disciples could bless people whom they have not met, living in faraway locations and have a great sense of satisfaction.
Unoffered prayer: Unanswered prayer is not the problem of Christians; it is mainly the unoffered prayer. (James 4:2) Prayerlessness would be the greatest sin of the church and even individual Christians. Rarely, this privilege is optimally used. A lack of knowledge of the Word of God, and a lack of prayer could destroy a believer and make him backslide.
Am I a good steward of prayer?