Transformation in a cave

David was hounded on all sides. In fact, he had no place to go. He could not go to his own home as Saul was waiting to kill him. It was dangerous to go to Jonathan, son of Saul. Going to Samuel would result in revenge against him and Samuel. David did not know where to take refuge, he and his men went to the cave of Adullam. (I Samuel 22:1) Interestingly, the word Adullam means refuge. However, in this cave, the Lord taught David to take refuge in Him, not in a stronghold or cave. In the cave, David wrote at least two psalms: 142 and 57.
Humble Heart: David was humble and pleaded for the mercy of God. (Psalm 57:1) David drew close to God and committed totally to Him. God showed his mercy in his life.
Crying and Contrite heart: David says that he will cry out or pray to God as he performs or completes all things for him. (Psalms 57:2) Prayer is an opportunity for repentance, and to pour one’s heart in His presence. As Hannah did, David poured out his heart.
Frightened heart: David also petitioned to God, about his context or realities. He was surrounded by enemies like lions. They have prepared a trap or net to catch him. (Psalms 57:4-6) David honestly expressed his fear due to multiple conspiracies of his enemies.
Worshipping heart: David expressed his trust and gratitude in praises. He said he would praise publicly so that all nations would know his God. (Psalms 57:5,9,11) Like Job, David worshipped God amid his hostile and adverse environment. David sang: God is exalted, and His glory is above all the earth.
Transformation: David was transformed in the cave of Adullam and later God brought him out of it. Like David, a disciple’s heart should be transformed, to become a witness and blessing to the nations. Like Jacob who came out as Israel after wrestling with God; David also was a changed person when he came out of the cave.
Do I take refuge and learn in those troubling times?