Rebuke and Discipline

In the newspapers, there are reports of abuse of parents. Drunkard father hits hard, and his son dies. A ruthless mother gets annoyed and places hot rods on a child. Children need rebuke, discipline, counsel, and guidance. If the parents are not mature, emotionally stable, and spiritually discerning, they become abusers of their children. King David writes: “O LORD, rebuke me not in your anger, nor discipline me in your wrath!” He desired correction, direction, and guidance, but not in the context of anger and wrath. Perhaps, each child’s desire is the same as that of David from their parents.
Rebuke: It means to speak severely or seriously to a person who has said or done something wrong. Usually, the intention is to correct the person. The rebuke could become abuse that demoralizes a child. Using demeaning, despising, and discouraging words would lead a child to lose hope of restoration. Reasonable, wise, and right words encourage and correct a child.
Discipline: It is training to obey rules, speak the right words, and behave well. All children need this. The training would include corrective punishment, which includes a rod of correction that removes foolishness from a child. (Proverbs 13:24; 22:15)
Mood: Anger and wrath are bad moods or emotional statuses to dispense rebuke or discipline. In anger, a person could lose his senses, and thoughts and harm a child. God’s wrath is punishment and judgment. Parents could show wrath that could harm a child spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and psychologically. Instead of portraying the love of God the Father, parents could portray only God as consuming fire, which will affect the faith of a child.
Intention: Parents ought to discipline a child first, for the glory of God. Children are gifts from God, parents are accountable for their stewardship towards them. Second, the welfare, goodness, and future of a child should be the intention for discipline. Third, the parents should not punish because their reputation has been affected by the child’s behavior. Fourth, as God demonstrates love and holiness, so should the parents.
Does anger and wrath affect my relationships?