Godly Giving

Lord observed the people who were putting their gift in the treasury. (Luke 21:1-4)
Grand show: There was perhaps a long queue. The rich were displaying their pride and piety. However, the Lord sees specifically an odd person, a poor widow who gives her two mites as offering. Researchers state that one mite was one percent of a denarii, which is one day wage of an average worker. She just had two mites, did not even think of keeping one for herself, offered all she had.
Great giving: Lord said that the poor widow gave more than anyone of them, but ALL of them. That means her offering was more precious than all the rich offerings put together. Lord pointed to the source of the offering. All except the poor widow gave out of abundance. However, she gave out of her poverty. God values the offering by seeing what it costs the giver.
Grudge money: There are many who give grudgingly. It is like paying unreasonable taxes to the government.
Guilt money: Some are rich, and their income does not come by legitimate means. There could be immoral income, exploited income, and income by oppression. By giving a portion as an offering, they try foolishly, to pacify their guilty conscience, thinking God also will be appeased and pacified.
Good investment money: One preacher declared that whatever people give for his ministry, God will give back one-thousand-fold. It is a low-investment and high-dividend deal.
Grateful money: The poor widow realized the truth, that even the two mites she had were God’s gift to her and it rightfully belongs to Him. Hence, she joyfully gave it all. Like David, she refused to give an offering that will not cost her something. (II Samuel 24:24)
Glad heart: God loves a cheerful giver like the poor widow. (II Corinthians 9:7) She did not have doubt that her offering was acceptable and valuable.
Great commendation: Lord commended the giving of the poor widow. He did not give any compensation. The Lord did not wish to deprive her of eternal rewards.
Do my all and myself to the Lord?