Frustrate or Facilitate

In Christian walk, it is good to have mentors and leaders who could be facilitators to grow in faith. For some, there are good facilitators with a smaller number of those who are frustrated. For some, it is another way round, many who frustrate and few who facilitate. In the life of David, he had a great facilitator in Jonathan. However, he had Jonathan’s father Saul who frustrated him.
Frustrated: First, Saul was frustrated with David, because the acclaimed hero who defeated Goliath was given 10000 points, while he was given just 1000 points. (I Samuel 18:1) He could not tolerate others who were better. Second, this made him envious. A teenager became a rival of Saul. Third, he thought of killing David by the hands of the Philistines. Instead of giving his daughter to David in marriage as promised, he demanded three hundred foreskins of Philistines as bride price. (I Samuel 18:25) Four, Saul wanted to eradicate David by killing him. A national hero became a wanted criminal. He tried several times, and each time the Lord protected David.
Facilitate: Nevertheless, Jonathan, son of Saul was different. First, Jonathan became one in spirit with David and he loved him as himself. He was able to discern God’s call and purpose in David. Second, Jonathan kept David with him to endorse, empower, educate, and train him. He did not allow David to go to his home. Third, he made a covenant with David. (I Samuel 23:17-18) He was sure that David would become king and he would be serving him as deputy. He was like Barnabas, who allowed his junior Paul to become his leader. Four, he gave his royal robe to him. Five, he gave his sword as a gift to David. (I Samuel 18:1-4) There were only two swords in Israel, one was with Saul and another with Jonathan. (I Samuel 13:22) Six, Jonathan protested Saul when he was determined to kill David and protected him. (I Samuel 20:32) Seven, Jonathan’s loving friendship was a great source of strength. David mourned his death. (II Samuel 1:25-26)
Do I facilitate or frustrate?