Such a time like this

Mordecai said to Esther that she had become a queen for such a time like this. (Esther 4:14) All believers, including Esther are chosen ‘according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will.’ (Ephesians 1:11) Like Esther each one of us is placed in a unique context and position to share the gospel.
1. Local context:
Lord commanded to be witness in Jerusalem, the local context of the hearers. (Acts 1:8) Sovereign God determines the context of each person. It is not our choice, but God’s choice. In many churches, among Christian gatherings, in leadership councils, mission is not taught or discussed. Chosen people are a lone voice for missions.
2. Urgency:
The harvest, when ripe, should be reaped. Delay could make the grains too ripe and then rot. In local churches, delay means people grow up and fail to receive vision. Children grow up fast, and so do young people. Children in the congregation could grow up without learning missionary biographies. Young people may grow without getting information or exposure or vision for missions. Most do not know the importance, significance, and priority of the mission.
3. Opportunity factor:
Open doors ought to be used immediately. It is applicable to the field as well as those who could go. Young people, when established in a profession and getting married, may find it difficult to go.
4. National context:
There are several factors that keep changing. Some provide opportunities for the growth of the Kingdom of God, and some may become a hindrance to the gospel. For example, Anti-conversion law could be an obstruction to the preaching and disciple making efforts. People migrate looking for opportunities. Laborers from states like Uttar Pradesh migrate seeking jobs in Tamil Nadu. Such migrants are open to the gospel.
5. Global context:
The Church is global and so are the missions. Lord Jesus Christ and the gospel is for humanity. When God provides opportunity to take the gospel to faraway lands, while traveling for education or job or business.
Do I have a mission mindset?