Ministry without miracles

Preachers and pastors who do not perform miracles are looked down as ‘incompetent’ or ‘person of feeble faith’. “And many came to him. And they said, “John did no sign, but everything that John said about this man was true.”” (John 10:41)
John did not do any sign or wonders is a ‘miracle statement’ indeed. John a miracle baby himself did not perform any miracle. A person who was anointed by the Holy Spirit, even when he was in mother’s womb, chosen to prepare the Way of the Lord, identify Messiah to the Nation of Israel and baptize the Messiah did not perform any miracle.
The prophecy about John was that he will go before Him in the spirit of Prophet Elijah. (Luke 1:17) Yet, he did not do miracles like Elijah did. The comparison is for John to bring the Nation of Israel to repentance and prepare the way of the Lord.
Lord Jesus also said that there no one greater than John as per Old covenant. (Matthew 11:11) That also means ‘miracle workers’ do not get ‘great’ status automatically. John a non-miracle worker gets higher status even Elijah who was a miracle worker.
John’s statements or witness about Lord Jesus Christ was true. A person’s words or his integrity is more important than doing miracles. A tree shall be known by its fruit. (Matthew 12:33) Some misunderstand only fruit as ‘miracles’ or ‘signs or wonders.’ In fact, miracles need not be a sign of fruitfulness. In the Judgement, the miracle workers – who claimed to have performed miracles in the name of Lord Jesus Christ – could be rejected and condemned. (Matthew 7:21)
There are many Christians who want ‘miracle-on-demand’ as Herod did. (Luke 23:8) Lord did not entertain his curiosity.
Do we understand mission and ministries without miracles?