Overtaken by blessings

In the world people chase after blessings, try to grab as much as they can, even snatch from others, and save it for whole life. Yet, emptiness overtakes them. Sadly, Lot thought that earthly prosperity should be preferred rather than spiritual fellowship, spiritual covering, and security of being with Abraham. Sadly, he lost everything, including his wife and a cursed legacy. (Genesis 13 & 19) Instead, blessings chase those who are Godly and obedient to His Word.
Law and obedience: Obedience to God’s Law brings blessings. Mosaic Law states that the obedient people would be overtaken by blessings. (Deuteronomy 28:2-6) It is an interesting analogy; the blessings would run from behind and overtake. That means the flow of blessings would be greater, stronger, faster, and superior. It also means to overwhelm the disciples. Surprised by blessings and surpassing human imagination. The blessings encompass all aspects of life. It includes family, daily life of eating, work or profession, travel, and place of living or residence.
Everywhere: Obedient People of God themselves would be a blessing in the city as well as the field: wherever they are. Paul writes that believers are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. (I Corinthians 6:19-20)
Children: Godly peoples’ children would be blessed. They would also be able to see their children’s children. (Psalms 128:1)
Possessions and profession: All Israelite families, except the Levites, had land as inheritance. The land will be blessed to be fruitful. Their cattle, herds, and flocks would also be blessed. When they work as farmers and shepherds, their efforts will also be blessed and rewarded.
Food: The kitchen would be blessed. The basket could indicate the fruits or the bread placed in it. The kneading bowl indicates the process of cooking, which would be blessed. The food would include healing properties.
Travel: When coming in and going out the children of God will be blessed. God will provide safety and security until eternity, as His beloved go out and come in. (Psalms 121:8) Most people in the modern world travel for work and other purpose.
Have I been overtaken by God’s blessings?